Caleb really loves his Cuddletunes bear and he gets so excited when he hears Matt's voice. With Caleb developing and changing so much it's been great for Matt to be able to update the recordings with new songs or animals noises and keep up with whatever stage Caleb is in at the time. He's recorded Bible verses and prays with Caleb before bed at night. I can hardly play them without crying. Thanks for giving us another way to connect as a family while Matt is gone this year.

I gave my daughter Kira a cuddletunes bear in the hospital. After having kidney surgery she needed to stay in the hospital for several days, and I bought the cuddletunes bear to provide comfort and familiarity. Kira loves Disney princesses, especially Ariel, so I loaded her bear with her favorite Disney songs and read her two stories. When Kira woke up after her surgery and I gave her the bear, she lit up with excitement. During her recovery period, her cuddletunes bear was soothing and calming and helped her to sleep. Now her little sister wants one!

We were very privileged to receive a Cuddletune bear. It has brightened my son's mood daily and into the evening hours as he hears his Dad's voice while going to sleep at night. We hope that this bear can help many other kids who are going through a separation from a parent, like it has my son. Thank you!!

Peyton just turned 3 about a week before Daddy deployed back to the Middle East for a year. We found Cuddletunes just in time, and she never goes anywhere without her 'Daddy Bear'! Daddy records new messages and bedtime stories every week, so she always gets a goodnight wish from him, even from half way around the world. Love this bear -- making military life a little easier for our little one!


connecting families
The Cuddletunes Bear is the perfect gift for young children and older kids too. It's a great way for families to stay connected. We live on the East Coast and our grandsons live on the West Coast. With the "magic" of a Cuddletunes Bear, we can continue to read bedtime stories, even when we are thousands of miles away. While visiting our grandson, he couldn't wait to share with us his personalized lullabies. It is a combination of an old fashioned cuddly toy and the best use of today's technology.

providing comfort
The look on her face was priceless when she first heard her name being sung. This bear quickly became a most cherished, favorite toy. Not only is it personalized, it is cuddly and easy to operate - even for a toddler. My daughter can easily control the volume, and skip ahead to her most favorite songs. She loves to show her bear to her friends and anyone else who comes by to visit. My only problem is that she won't let anyone else use HER bear. Thanks for the awesome toy!

spreading the joy
As a travelling parent I find that cuddle tunes is a great comfort to my kids as they can hear my voice on demand. Cuddletunes is now my go to baby gift. What I have found is that parents are also really touched with the personlized gift welcoming their new addition. I have had the nicest thank you notes from times that I have send a cuddle tune bear to a new parent. That extra step of personalization really stands out and make both the child and parent feel special.


A Thousand Words

Our cuddlebears hard at work, bringing comfort & smiles to everyone.
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